Matilda J. “Tillie” Pierce was born in 1848 in Gettysburg. She was 15 years old when the Battle of Gettysburg was fought in July of 1863. She watched the Union army march through town, and at the urging of her family, Tillie and some friends left the town and went to what they thought would be a safe farmhouse. Jacob Weikert’s farmhouse was located at the base of Little Round Top.

During the battle, Tillie provided water and food to the soldiers and assisted the surgeons and nurses caring for the wounded. On July 7, 1863, she went back to her home. She said, “The whole landscape had been changed and I felt as though we were in a strange and blighted land.” She continued to help care for the wounded after the battle. Twenty-five years later, she wrote a book about her experiences during that time. “At Gettysburg, Or What A Girl Saw And Heard Of The Battle” is still in print today and available for purchase at the Inn.

The Tillie Pierce House Inn is named for the famous young lady who lived here during the battle. Located in downtown Gettysburg along the Trolley line, the Inn brings together unrivaled hospitality, abundant history and a decor of casual elegance. Guests enjoy our 24-hour Hospitality Room, our Micro-Gallery featuring artwork by B. Yon, and six beautifully appointed rooms for overnight lodging—as well as a spacious downstairs parlor, sitting room and quaint Victorian garden. Built in 1829, though up to date with WiFi and cable television, The Tillie Pierce House Inn joins the best of both the antebellum past and modern convenience.